I Am Obsessed…The Coiffure Project

I recently started a hair journey, which is basically the trendy way of saying I’m growing out my hair natural. As I was extensively researching growing out natural hair on Pinterest, I came across The Coiffure Project, an amazing photo project by Glenford Nunez.

It is absolutely wonderful seeing black hair being represented in such a fashionable and artistic way. All too often black women are bombarded with images in the media that reinforce the idea that curly/kinky/nappy hair isn’t fashionable or beautiful. Women of color need to see more pictures like these of beautiful women with beautiful hair, so that we can become more accepting of our hair and our culture.

Glenford Nunez does a beautiful job of capturing the variety and energy in black hair and the women who have the confidence to sport it. I love how the portraits are all very different stylistically but the very specific subject matter creates a type of continuity and unity that ties all the variety together. In fact it is Nunez’s use of different portraiture styles for each of the women that really helps to capture their unique personalities as well as their energy. Too put it simply… I. Am. Obsessed. Check out the rest of the collection here.

I also suggest checking out the rest of Nunez’s work because the man is freaking amazing. His photos are so full of life and energy, its outstanding.


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